Menopause, Wellness & Vitality Workshop

Hosted by Julie Bladon & Christine Dumbleton


Saturday 14 September 2019
11 am - 4 pm
Tapas Yoga Room, on the second floor


Cost: £75
(including lunch & refreshments)


“Menopause is an ending and a beginning, a time in which a woman deeply examines who she is, what she has done and who she now wants to be.” Alexandra Pope

An uplifting and informative workshop to help you understand the various stages of menopause and find tools to navigate this powerful change. We will explore the physical, emotional and spiritual changes occurring at this time. This workshop will discuss top self-care tips to support you at this time of great change.

The workshop is for all women, especially if you are in peri-menopause, menopause or post-menopause.

We will be sharing health and self care tips to aid this powerful transition. The workshop will include an Overview of Menopause, Exploration of the Stages of Menopause, Review of the nature of change and cycles, Yoga, Guided Meditation, Pranayama (Breathwork), Health & Self Care Tips and Nutritional Ideas.

This will be a safe space to explore this topic and get the support of like-minded women. There is a lot to cover in this workshop and we will provide a resource pack to signpost you to further links, research and information.

“Thank you both. The day was really good, could have done with it being a whole weekend!!! There’s so much information about lifestyle to fit in with the menopause. Your information has helped to direct me, to make the changes I need to make, so thank you for that. It was a lovely group, very giving and supportive.” ~ MS, Devon

We hope that this interesting combination of natural remedies and more conventional views on the menopause will guide you through this stage in your life in an informative and uplifting way.

A nutritious vegetarian lunch, lovingly prepared by Christine, will be provided as part of the workshop (please advise if you have any special dietary requirements or allergies).

Workshop includes:
• Overview of the Menopause
• Exploring the Five Chambers (Stages) of Menopause Guided Meditation
• Yoga
• Pranayama (Breathwork)
• Health & Self Care Tips
• Nutritional Ideas

“The Menopause Wellness & Vitality workshop hosted by Julie and Christine was amazing. We had a chance to share our experiences in a beautiful setting, with delicious home cooked food and a relaxing yoga meditation session. Thank you for a fantastic day.” ~ BE, Devon

About Us

Julie began her exploration with yoga over 25 years ago. Balance, healthy breathing, asana, meditation and deep relaxation are a key focus in her yoga teaching. Julie creates a sacred and safe space for students to reach their full potential. A book recommendation (The Path of Practice by Maya Tiwari) whilst on a trip to India had a life changing influence on Julie’s path. She has spent several years researching and studying The Divine Feminine, Women’s Health, Women’s Spiritual Circles, Cycle Awareness and Menopausal Wellbeing.

Christine returned to nursing six years ago and is currently working as a part time Practice Nurse in Torquay where she has a particular interest in women’s health. She also has a passion for food and nutrition and has cooked for Julie on several yoga retreats. She has undertaken courses at Ashburton Cookery School where she has been inspired to be more creative in the kitchen.

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07754 983498

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