Yoga with Sophie Darling


Mondays (excluding Bank Holidays):
Flow with the Seasons Yoga - 6 - 7 pm - £10
Yin Yoga - 7.15 - 8.30 pm - £11.50
Amrita Room on the first floor

Rise & Shine Yoga - 7.30 - 8.30 am - £10
Tapas Yoga Room, on the second floor

Rise & Energise Yoga - Dynamic Vinyasa Flow to music - 8 - 9 am - £10
Spanda Studio, ground floor, Quay Lane

New or visiting students welcome
Block bookings available
Zoom option available for all classes please contact Sophie for details

Flow with the Seasons Yoga

Yin Yoga

Rise & Shine Yoga

Rise & Energise Yoga

Monday 6 pm class:
Each season has an energetic direction and quality that permeates throughout nature.
The intention of this class is to adapt our lifestyle and behaviours to align to the energies in each season, working with and not against the natural flow to support our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.
As the seasons flow from one to the other, so will our attention, focus and practice, changing at each quarter of the year to match the energy of the season, from the still waters of winter to the vibrant fire of high summer.

Monday 7.15 pm class:
Yin Yoga is a non-muscular, meditative practice where we typically hold poses for 5 minutes or more. Yin focuses on our deep fascial systems (called channels or meridians in Chinese medicine) and works on releasing constrictions in the connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons that support the joints. It also stimulates and opens the energy channels of the subtle body; this stimulation creates a balanced flow of chi/Qi/prana which supports the body’s vibrancy and physiology as well as promotes mental and emotional balance and wellbeing.
Yin Yoga is a marathon not a sprint, a long-haul flight, it relies on time, much patience, and a mindset of letting go to enable the journey within to begin.

Tuesday 7.30 am class:
An early morning class to set you up for your day and week ahead. A session to awaken latent energy, and inspire creativity in your practice. Allow yourself the opportunity to move, breathe and rest via Asana (poses), Pranayama (breath work) and experiential movement practices With ambient tunes to ebb and flow to.

Saturday 8 am class:
Kick start your weekend with 60 minutes of dynamic movement and yoga inspired practices. An upbeat, energetic class, helping you build strength, develop stamina and an awareness of the mind-body- breath connection. With commitment and dedication to a regular practice anything is possible. With uplifting tunes, sounds and beats to flow to.

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