Yoga as a Therapy

with Sheila Coombes


8 week course: 6 October - 24 November 2021
10 am - 12 noon
Amrita Room, on the first floor



Pre-booking essential

Cost: 8 weeks paid in advance £80 or 'pay as you go’ £12 per session

Each week we will take a specific area of the body / bodily system, and learn ways to relieve associated health issues with simple yoga movements, breathwork and energy channelling self-massage.

Week 1  Spinal alignment as an aid to improved breathing / increased energy / better health.
Week 2  Lower back / hip girdle and associated problems
Week 3  Upper back / shoulder girdle and associated problems
Week 4  Balance / eyesight and peripheral vision
Week 5  Digestive system / vagus nerve
Week 6  Heart / lymph  and circulation
Week 7  Nervous system and effects of stress
Week 8  Recap of previous weeks 

In the words of Ken Wilbur ’If you are living in the shadow of your dis-ease, are you really living?’ this course will empower you to help yourself and give you skills to help others.

Sheila Coombes: 
01803 732012