Satyananda Yoga

with Mark Maunsell-Thomas


Gentle & Beginners Class: 3 - 4.30 pm
Spanda Studio, on the ground floor

Intermediate Class: 6 - 7.30 pm
Amrita Yoga Room, on the first floor

No classes until further notice


Accessible yoga postures, breathing practices and deep relaxation to encourage flexibility, strength, balance and well being.

The 3pm class is aimed at beginners looking to begin their yogic journey and for those with limited mobility. These practices can be very helpful in the management and alleviation of a whole range of chronic health conditions. Please ring Mark to discuss whether this class is suitable for you.

The focus of the 6pm class in Spring 2020 will be 'Exploring Pranayama'. For all those interested in deepening their yoga practice through an exploration of Pranayama. All classes will still contain Asana as well as Yoga Nidra or a Meditation practice, but the emphasis will be on the systematic preparation and development of a variety of Pranayama practices. No prior experience of pranayama is necessary.

Mark has been teaching in the Satyananda Yoga Tradition since 2002. He spent 7 years living in their main centre in India, at the Bihar School of Yoga, where he was teaching and assisting in the training of new teachers. He encourages students to bring the ancient practices of yoga off the mat and integrate them into their lives as an antidote to the challenges of modern life.

Mark is also a trained psychotherapist and this training and perspective of our nature informs his teaching, as does his experience of yoga inform his therapeutic approach.

Satyananda Yoga is a meditative approach to the practices of yoga. Each class will incorporate asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation), and sometimes a meditation practice.

Monday afternoon session:
For those with limited mobility or stiff bodies
Cost: £12 drop in or £45 for each half term (5 classes)

Monday evening 'Exploring Pranayama' session:
£45 for each Part or £12 drop in
(please ring before attending as numbers will be limited)

07507 791051