Vinyasa Flow Yoga

with Jules Turner


10 - 11 am

9.30 - 10.30 am

Tapas Yoga Room, on the second floor

No classes until further notice


£8 Drop in, £35 for 5 classes, £65 for 10 classes

Vinyasa Flow Yoga will help strengthen your body and increase flexibility whilst bringing about a deep sense of calm. We use breath and movement to create internal heat designed to purify the body. A Vinyasa Flow class features postures which are synchronised into a flowing sequence usually with music in the background. Vinyasa classes encourage the student to practice fluid movement linking postures together and transitioning from pose to pose with the intention of using the breath to create a beautiful moving meditation.

They are energetic in style whilst students are often encouraged to hold postures for five long breaths enabling them to experience the full expression of a pose, activating the deeper tissues to build strength, flexibility and stability. The pace can vary from class to class depending on the theme and can be a slow, mindful flow to an energetic power flow working the body to its limits. Strong attention to alignment and breath is encouraged to create a strong body and mind. For Yogis who enjoy a varied class which focuses on different aspects of a yoga practice, Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow is a beautiful choice. Prepare to glow and leave feeling exhilarated and energised.

Breath work is an important feature of Jules’s classes, enabling the student to experience a moving meditation which focuses the concentration, removing external distractions in order to achieve a quiet and calm mind.  My wish is that you leave your practice feeling re-energised, calm and restored having experienced the full aspects of yoga as you move through your personal yoga journey, helping to achieve a strong body and mind.
Jules is a certified Yoga Alliance Professional Teacher. She studied and qualified in India within an authentic yoga environment and enjoys designing creative sequences that draw upon her broad experience and love for Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Bikram styles of yoga.
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