Recruitment of New Trustees

Spanda Trust (also known as the J B Pelly Trust)

We are looking for new trustees who will bring specific expertise and sound judgement to the governance of the charity.  The remit of the charity is to oversee the running of two important venues in South Devon: Harbour House in Kingsbridge and Bala Brook near South Brent.  More information on the ethos of the charity and the two venues can be found on the following three websites:

Spanda Trust became a CIO in May 2018 and we are keen to continue the process of putting in place the necessary procedures and policies to ensure its smooth and efficient operation.  We have a ‘long game’ in mind and want to secure the longevity of what we can offer by being able to respond to change.  Our immediate challenge is to introduce and sustain a business model which enables the charity to break even and survive into the future.

We believe the charity has a valuable role to play both in South Devon and further beyond.  The trustees share a commitment to reach out and broaden the range of activities we offer and diversify the range of people we serve.  We want new trustees who share our vision and are excited by the potential of the charity to build on what it has already achieved.

The specific skills and experience we are looking for in new Trustees are -

  • accountancy and book-keeping
  • marketing
  • HR
  • fund-raising
  • project/programme management
  • building development/refurbishment 

Experience has shown us that trustees need to ‘get’ the charity to sustain their enthusiasm to put in the necessary work involved in being a trustee. The trustees meet four to six times a year in a mixture of face to face and online meetings.  They also need to engage in regular email correspondence.  We would prefer to recruit new trustees who live in South Devon.

If you are interested, please email Charles Kemp, the chairperson of the board of trustees on with a brief outline of who you are and why you might wish to become a trustee.  We can then enter into a conversation as to whether you and the Spanda Trust are a good fit.