Reiki and Massage

with William Alpass



Will is a massage therapist, healer and acupuncturist who practices a unique and intuitive style of therapy. He has spent the last 14 years studying and practicing different forms of energy medicine, massage and acupuncture internationally. He is passionate about helping people to deeply relax and to achieve life-transforming shifts in their lives.

He has spent the last three years practicing and developing his skills in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has recently moved to Kingsbridge. When not working he spends most of his time by the sea, surfing or walking.

Will first trained in Reiki at the age of 18 and has been developing his skills ever since. He is a Reiki master and has taught Reiki internationally. Reiki is a form of energy healing that is both powerful and subtle. It is practised fully clothed and is relaxing to receive. Most people experience feelings of deep relaxation, tingling in some areas and, most commonly, heat. Reiki works by restoring balance to the seven chakras or energy centres and the aura and can be beneficial for physical, emotional and mental conditions.

Will has trained in many styles of massage and now practices his own style, fusing what he has learnt and techniques he has developed himself over the last 14 years. A massage can be more deep tissue aimed at specific ailments and sports based, or more relaxing and stress relieving. He also practices Indian head massage. One style learnt in the UK is more relaxing and the other style learnt in India is more invigorating. He uses aromatherapy oils, blended to your needs, and high quality base oils.

Many people find it beneficial doing a combination of Reiki and massage in a session.

30 min session: £25
60 min session: £38
90 min session: £55

"William Alpass is a Rock Star of the healers, he is super humble and I don’t think he realizes that he was born with a natural gift... If you can go I will guarantee that you will feel great and receive special treatment, ending up just like me being a huge fan."
Carolina Gualdi, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

07769 263988