Come back to your Senses

with Barbara Butcher


Saturday 26 January 2019
10 am - 4 pm
Amrita Room, on the first floor



Cost: £35

This latest workshop shows us how our reliance on social media, mobile phones, television and living in a virtual soup of electromagnetic vibration can affect the efficiency of our natural senses such as hearing, vision (including our observation), sleep and memory.

Latest research on the effect it is having on our youngsters is worrying as it shows changes in the development of the brain. As we age it is important to not only stay physically active but to “keep our marbles”. Stress comes in many guises and time management plays an important part. We will learn how to change our minds! We will also learn techniques to wake up our senses. It will be a fun day with a special session on confidence and memory.

Barbara Butcher is recognised as one of the leading alternative medicine practitioners in the UK. She trained as a hypnotherapist in 1982 and has continued training annually. 6 years ago she moved from a thriving clinic in Buckinghamshire to the South Hams and has run popular workshops at Harbour House, helping dozens of men, women and children on their path to health and happiness.

Barbara was voted researcher of the year for her MSc dissertation on the effect of stress on relationships (National Council for Hypnotherapy). She was pivotal in setting up the first Divorce Recovery Workshops and has subsequently helped many couples with all aspects of relationship difficulties.

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