Essential/Intermediate Matwork

with Justine Besch


Wednesdays (term time only):
7 - 8 pm
Amrita Room, on the first floor

No classes until further notice

Cost: £9 per session **
**Discount applies for course bookings

Stott Pilates is based on the original Pilates method, it has been modified using modern scientific research to bring it a little more up to date. There are five basic principles, breath, shoulder movement and stabilisation, head and cervical placement, pelvic placement and rib cage placement. Bringing about these five basic principles, our focus is about restoring the natural curves in the spine, longer, leaner muscles, more flexible and stronger.
Pilates training such as STOTT PILATES®, is to develop optimal neuromuscular performance by focusing on core stability, while safely balancing muscular strength with flexibility, the mind-body awareness ensures focus on precision and control.

Justine trained with Stott Pilates (Merrithew Mindful Movement) in 2010, from beginner to advanced level, pre and post natal pilates, small props including the foam roller, fitness circle, bands and small stability ball. There is something, and someone, to support and challenge you through your Pilates practice.


07748 337449