Pilates for Everyday Living

with Clover Sterling

9 - 10 am & 10.15 - 11.15 am
Tapas Yoga Room, on the second floor

No classes until further notice


Pilates for everyday living has been developed based on my knowledge as a qualified osteopath, and 15 years experience within the fitness industry as a fitness instructor/ trainer and sports injury /massage therapist. Over the years, people's lifestyles, living and working environments and leisure activities have considerably changed, leading to the unfortunate increase in negative structural/ postural changes and stressors on the body.

What is pilates? There's more to pilates than developing "strong abs" or "core strength". Pilates is an exercise system that focuses on stretching and strengthening the muscles of whole body, whilst improve your sitting/standing posture, balance, muscle tone/ flexibility and joint mobility.

Who is it suitable for? Pilates is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, including pre & post-natal women and post operative (with medical clearance from their own medica practitioner /consultant). Beginners/intermediate to advanced levels all welcome. My classes are designed to provide individual participants where necessary with alternative and adaptive exercises, to enable them to develop their own abilities & wellbeing comfortably, at their own pace without intimidation. 

Benefits of Pilates? Pilates can help improve posture through improved abdominal & spinal muscle tone and flexibility, improve joint mobility, as well as relieve stress, tension and aid relaxation.

Attire? Comfortable fitting top, sports leggings/shorts, bare feet or socks. 
Equipment: Exercise mats are provided. However, if you have one, please feel free to bring it with you.

Clover acquired a Masters in Osteopathy & Diploma in Naturopathy at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London.
Pilates with Michael King Institute & clinical pilates with APPI,
Movement analysis & rehabilitation, and pre/post natal exercise.

Clover believes “Your health is your strength”, therefore very important to impart knowledge and educational advice to participants, and encourage them to become instrumental in managing present and future pain through daily functional exercise (suggested at the class), which in turn will improving their quality of life, helping reduce future recurrence and severity of pain.

Cost: £8.50 per session (6 weeks block) – £51 payable in advance.

Classes are suitable for, beginners, intermediate & advanced. Post-natal & post operative with GP consent
Please call in advance

07970 056987
The Health, Fitness & Osteopathic Clinic