Mindfulness Meditation Course

with Deborah Royce


new dates tbc
9.15 - 10.45 am
Spanda Studio, on the ground floor

No classes until further notice


Cost for 6 week course: £66 per person
This course is for beginners and is held in a small group setting


The benefits of mindfulness, meditation and compassion are many; learning these skills brings a greater sense of ease, happiness and acceptance into how we cope with what is happening in our inner and outer experiences. It lowers our physiological stress response. We stay present to what is actually here, learning to relate to our circumstances with more kindness, and to decide what we want to focus our attention on and what we will let go of.


Course details:
Maximum 6 participants, 5 sessions, on Monday mornings

Participants are encouraged to attend all 5 sessions to receive full benefit from the course

This course is for beginners or new meditators, this course is not for experienced meditators

Before the course starts, we will have a short phone conversation to make sure this course is right for you and for you to ask any questions before booking your place


Included each week:
Learning mindfulness meditation techniques, positioning and a variety of the different types of meditation practice

Practicing the meditations

A talk on an aspect of mindfulness/meditation/compassion relating to that week’s topic, and how to implement the learnings in your daily life

Group discussions and Q&A

Journaling and Homework

Time for individual questions and individual support

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