Free online Meditation Class

with Deborah Royce


Monday evenings at 6 pm



As I cannot run my usual Mindfulness Meditation classes at Harbour House due to the current pandemic, I am offering a free 1 hour online meditation class every Monday evening at 6pm.

Join me and others to meditate together, listen to a short talk and ask any questions.

During this time of uncertainty, which is bringing up fear for many of us, engaging in the powerful moment-by-moment awareness of the breath and learning mindfulness skills can be very useful.
To become present, calm and grounded in the resources available to us through our body’s in-built healing mechanisms, really does seem to help us to cope with life’s challenges, and right now this coronavirus outbreak is a big life challenge for all of us!.

This free, weekly meditation class is open to all, some prior experience of meditation would be useful but it is not mandatory.

I plan to be holding these classes for the foreseeable future, hopefully throughout the coronavirus crisis.

If you would like to save your space for the Monday evening class, please contact me or email