Electric Intercourse

Emma Iiriti


18 - 23 January 2022
10 am - 4 pm
Admission free

My work investigates consciousness and the nature of reality. It is my ambition to access the subconscious, and to tune-in to the higher Self. Collage and poetry play a central role in this pursuit, and I frequently weave text and images together.

My aesthetic deconstructs conventional perceptions of ‘real life’ with the intention of unveiling a deeper reality. My mixed media and analogue-photo compositions are the result of experimental processes that aim to unlock the metaphysical truths that underlie physical creation, and to discover who we are at the most essential level of existence.

My exhibit also incorporates pencil drawing. Drawing is a fundamental part of my practice in the sense that it is a meditative process and requires deep inspection.

My intention for the exhibition is to inspire the viewer to question the world we think we live in.

Emma was awarded a distinction in her MFA in Photography at the University for the Creative Arts, has published two books with bookRoom Press and has exhibited, curated and taught in Florence.