People and Places

Teresa Barlow and Elaine Sibley


Tuesday 12 - Sunday 17 October 2021

Admission Free


Teresa Barlow

Elaine Sibley


As two artists with different approaches, style and focus to our work, we meet regularly to sketch and share ideas, usually over coffee and cake.

Wondering why certain places have meaning and resonance for them as individuals, thereby influencing what is highlighted in their artwork, the theme of People and Places began to take shape.

Some landscapes have an inherent sense of presence, a natural drama that impacts on the senses and challenges our preconceptions of colour, form and scale. Others are intrinsically linked to our personal experiences of a specific place or as a window into earlier memories, often from childhood. The interaction of people and places often generates an energy that draws us in, to become part of that experience. At other times we resent the presence of others in our special places, disturbing our solitude and the rare opportunity for calm and reflection.

In an area of so much choice and opportunity, why do we habitually choose to go back time and again to specific places? The answer is somewhat elusive but we seem to form personal attachments and meaning to certain places that influence our actions and perceptions. In order to explore this further we decided to share our favourite places around South Devon and beyond, sketching and photographing aspects of what we observe to inform and inspire a new body of work for exhibition. Our outings invariably involve breakfast or coffee and cake (sometimes both!). We intend to share our well researched knowledge of exceptional cafes within reach of the more local places represented in the exhibition through packs of postcards.