Spatial Temporalities

Annette Warner and Julia Watson


Tuesday 9 - Sunday 14 March 2021


Annette Warner

Julia Watson

Two recent graduates return to their hometown with an exhibition exploring the crosslinks that have arisen in their studies of photography, drawing and fine art. The works both speak to and reflect off one another, inviting viewer participation in questioning how we perceive space, form, time and memory.

Annette Warner’s digital interpretations of the visual illusions within our physical world aim to encourage fresh perspectives on the everyday spaces around us, whether this be our homes, the digital space of the internet or the room of the art gallery. Focusing on how easily malleable our human understanding of the world may be, these investigations find the blindness in our increasingly visual world portrayed through screens.

Drawing is at the centre of Julia Watson’s practice, and she uses it to resolve and uncover inaccessible spaces. She focuses mainly on architectural memory and cites Catrin Webster’s definition of drawing as “both a conscious and subconscious intellectual activity that creates a place of visual and cognitive engagement. It is a zone in its own right, as the activity requires the construction of a special territory, both in terms of thought and place. A drawing is a thought and an object.”
I use drawing as a tool to draw a line through my experiences, in order to interpret what has occurred.