Shirley Kirkcaldy and Jackie Gale


Tuesday 27 April - Sunday 9 May 2021


Shirley Kirkcaldy

Jackie Gale


Two artists, two visions and one unique collaboration.

Rich in texture, colour and narrative, the exhibition will offer a dialogue between two compelling mediums with responses to landscapes, places and themes. The creative process will be in evidence, with sketchbooks and stories displayed alongside completed works. While the mediums differ, the artists feel strongly that there is more that links their work than sets it apart, that their works converge rather than interrupt.

When artists come together in this way, their intent can be energised and relationships between unrelated works of art can amplify meanings: to have the capacity to coalesce and to reflect personal and collective responses.

Shirley Kirkcaldy’s landscape work is largely informed by the environs of Dartmoor where she lives and the southwest coastlines which she has frequented over many years. She spends time sketching and making visual notes, from which paintings are developed using a variety of media to mark the land and form the foundation for the intuitive response to a place and time that she aims to capture. Through a process of adding, subtracting and abstracting, Shirley’s final images incline towards anonymity.

I like to be at the edge of places, where the elements of land, sea and sky come together, and which provide a rich and valid metaphor for the forces of nature’

Through her textile art Jackie Gale develops contemporary interpretations of places and themes in vibrant works with engaging detail, narrative and depth. Jackie's passion for naive art and textile creativity is evident throughout her portfolio and since she turned professional in 2013 her work has attracted a large following with many collectors.