Four Candles

Stephen Beer, Ian Shalliker, Niki Hill and Jo Beer


Tuesday 13 - Sunday 18 July 2021
10 am - 5 pm
Admission free


Stephen Beer

Ian Shalliker

Niki Hill

Jo Beer


Four east Cornwall artists show an eclectic and intriguing collection of paintings and mixed media works.

Using traditional oil painting techniques and inspired by the masters of the Impressionist era, Ian Shalliker’s concerns lie in composition, colour and tone, evoking both a lightness in the atmosphere and a solidity in the landscape. The land and sea in and around Devon and Cornwall offer ample inspiration, the particular mood of moorland and the ever-changing weather being particularly compelling.

Jo Beer too works in oil paints with broad brush strokes and clearly defined tone to build descriptive and expressive portraits. Describing her work as “not pretty, but pretty honest”, Jo pays attention to the details of blemishes, creases and skin tones, and fabrics, folds, patterns and styles.
“The wonderful thing about people is that there is no such thing as an ordinary person... everyone is extraordinary.”
Jo has exhibited internationally as well as working to commission, twice featuring in the Sky Art ‘Portrait Artist of the Year’ event.

Niki Hill uses a wide range of materials in her creative responses which range from highly patterned and expressive paintings and collage to tiny handmade books.
“My work is influenced by the mysterious and the ethereal as well as broken hearts and endless joy.”

Stephen Beer too defies categorisation, working with acrylic and collage to respond to a variety of subjects. Early passions for photography and filmmaking feed into his contemporary works emerging from spontaneity and serendipity, and influences ranging from Derek Jarman and Cindy Sherman to 1950s science fiction and alternative music.
In 2013 Stephen was involved in the design and creation of the Heritage Lottery Funded Sculpture ‘The Saltash Ferryman’ which celebrates 900 years of crossing the River Tamar and stands near the old Saltash Ferry slipway beneath the Royal Albert Bridge. In 2020 Stephen was a finalist in the RA ‘Portraits from the Precipice’ competition.