Insights iv

Sue Bown, Helena Clews and Linda Tudor


Tuesday 22 - Sunday 27 June 2021
10 am - 5 pm
Admission free

Opening View: Tuesday 22 June, 6 - 8 pm
(subject to the lifting of restrictions)

Helena Clews

Linda Tudor

Sue Bown


In their fourth annual summer exhibition at Harbour House Helena Clews, Linda Tudor and Sue Bown present a new body of expressive paintings exploring local land and seascapes.

With a particular focus this year on the coastline Helena Clews explores the possibilities of painting in that liminal space between abstraction and representation, intrigued by how much or how little visual information is needed, be it colour or gestural markmaking, to allude to something that is difficult to define or to identify as a particular thing in the world whilst being at the same time recognisable as an abstract painting. The Devon landscapes and colours around her Stokenham studio have a strong influence on her recent works.
Helena studied fine art at Manchester Metropolitan University and at Central St Martins, winning the Ken Billany Prize in 2007. She had exhibited across the UK and her work is in many private collections.

Sue Bown lives by the River Dart and allows the colours and shapes of this ever changing landscape to flood into her paintings.
It is a constantly moving landscape, reforming itself as the tide and the occupants of the river carve their way through the water and landscape in endless motion. As soon as a shape is formed it is replaced by another, it’s an ebb and flow of forms, colour and life. I create my art in the same way, replicating shapes and forms, and layering to capture depth and texture.

Sue has spent much of her working life engaged in marketing and product design for the travel industry, and is currently studying for a BA (hons) in painting, drawing and printmaking at Plymouth College of Art. She is particularly interested in the relationship between painting and printmaking and the points where the disciplines overlap, and is curious about how the eye wants to make sense of an abstracted image.

I am aware of the weather fronts moving across the sky in front of my studio window. The light on the river and the hillside opposite changes every second, the tides every hour, and the wind veers in any direction, the clouds transforming endlessly. This ever changing scene beckons me to try to interpret the atmosphere it creates all around us.

Linda Tudor has exhibited at the Mall Galleries with the NEAC and across Britain. Further afield her work has been shown in galleries in Copenhagen, Tokyo, Hungary and Norway.