Island Artist

Emma Carter Bromfield


Monday 12 April - Sunday 9 May 2021
10 am - 4.30 pm
Admission free



Emma Carter Bromfield is a regular exhibitor at Harbour House with her fresh, atmospheric semi-abstract paintings of coasts and seascapes. She describes her style as ‘contemporary impressionism’, with new paintings and limited edition reproductions exploring seascapes and landscapes in all seasons. Burgh Island is an enduring theme in her work.

“My collection has typically involved paintings of the Southwest coastline, in all seasons, and especially Burgh Island which I like to call home. I enjoy the narrative and inspiration it has provided me for 44 years starting as a small child and now as a painter. My practice is based on an expression of a place rather than a realistic interpretation. I like to allow the atmosphere and free-spirited essence of a place to feed our souls, and I mainly paint from my head, allowing this to freely flow out.”