Contemporary Passions: Feeling the Landscape

South Hams Arts Forum


We regret that this exhibition has been cancelled, and hope that the artists will exhibit at Harbour House in 2021


Nick Cotter
Elen Claire Williams
Gilly Cotter
David Boon

Penny Alexander

Louis Victory

Crystel Dauth

The subject matter may be as old as the hills, but the treatment is contemporary.

Seven members of the South Hams Arts Forum respond to the theme with paintings, prints, digital surrealist works, photography and ceramics, each inspired by landscape or seascape views or elements from the natural world. Other works explore how buildings can create magical, mysterious internal ‘landscapes’ and their intriguing visual relationships with the outside world. The emotional involvement of the artist is crucial in this collection as each considers the level or experimentation and the degree of abstraction and ambiguity. Two artists show ceramic works, some functional and of unusual design and some large pieces made into extreme shapes. The glazes flow with gravity in the firing, to produce cascading effects found in the sea and the rocks. There will also be sculptural pieces inspired by the elegant birds of the area, and large hand built vases decorated with landscape references.