Contemporary Collaborations

Jane Ellis and Josie Gould


Friday 14 - Sunday 23 June 2019

10 am - 5 pm

Admission free

Opening View: Friday 14 June, 6 - 8 pm


Josie Gould

Jane Ellis and Josie Gould

Jane Ellis


For the last year we have been experiencing Dartmoor in all seasons, painting collaboratively and independently en plein air. We love it. The colours, sounds, constant changes of light and discovery of new places contribute to evoking all the senses and create a vitality not found in the studio! It has been a rollercoaster experience of collaborative painting, learning so much more than sharing a piece of paper. 

With their collaborative mixed media paintings Jane and Josie were finalists in Devon Life’s ‘Landscape Artist of the Year’ in 2018.

The temptation to reproduce what we see is so hard to resist.

Jane Ellis strives for a more emotional response, exploring, expanding and developing what makes her react so powerfully to a subject. Her bold and energetic abstractions express her feelings about her surroundings: the landscapes of Dartmoor and south Devon, and the vivid colours and seasonal changes in the plant nursery where she works.

My paintings are the essence of my response to place. I am an intuitive, emotional and experimental artist and my painting journey becomes a conversation between myself and the unfolding artwork.

Josie Gould is interested in the ever-changing experience of being in nature and she particularly enjoys painting en plein air on Dartmoor, around the local coast and on the banks of rivers and estuaries that she has known since childhood.

Returning home after a career as a professional sailor, I find that immersing myself in the wild places of Devon enables me to notice the fleeting, sensory qualities of light and colour, the moments which most affect and move me. When I become aware of the pulse of the land in this way I once again reconnect with the mystical experiences and exuberance of vitality that are abundant on the land and sea and in my memories. I aim to interweave these subtle and powerful qualities, the zest of life, in my paintings. Using mixed media with oils and whatever is at hand frees me up to spontaneously evoke these joyful, poetic moments in the landscape.

Jane Ellis at Devon Artist Network