Shooting the Breeze

Sue Ifould & Gaynor Williams


Tuesday 30 October - Sunday 4 November 2018

10 am - 5 pm

Admission free



Shooting the Breeze - creative work that springs from idle talk.

‘Shooting the Breeze’ is an American expression which broadly means idle but pleasurable chat, with the unspoken subtext which suggests that ‘any darn thing may emerge’. And so it has - this exhibition, with a body of paintings by Sue Ifould and handmade books by Gaynor Williams. Both artists rejoice in the diversity of the Devon landscape but use quite different media to articulate that sense of wonder at the natural world.

Since relocating from the agricultural flatlands of East Anglia Sue is putting down roots in the red Devon earth, inspired and nourished by her surroundings.

I think I love all of it... from the dappled light of the river-bank to the breathtaking expanses of the high moor and the ever-changing glorious coast.

Sue works by drawing or painting in the landscape, aiming to capture the energy and essence of the place and often returning to explore different lights and seasons. She believes that as she becomes more familiar with a place her response deepens.

Gaynor is a traditionally-trained book conservator who as well as repairing books rejoices in the freedom of making books from scratch as opposed to working within the constraints of existing structures.

She has made a collection of journals, some colossal in proportions and some palm-of-the-hand size, bound in covers fashioned from either whole local sheepskins or handmade sheep fleece felt. The processes of sewing the text blocks are traditional, but these covers bear little resemblance to books that many will have encountered before. They are artworks in their own right.

Before you tuck one of these in your pocket or sling it across your back, to stride out and settle down to make your own marks, perhaps give a wash to a few pages – give the marks a place to fall. The journals await journeys.