Devon Maid


Saturday 5 - Sunday 13 May 2018
10 am - 5 pm

Meet the Artists: Saturday 5 May - all day in the art gallery

Admission free


Carly Brimacombe

Lorna Roberts

Nicolle McKenzie

Penny Cross

A Response to the Sea

A vast expanse of ocean to trigger an emotion, a story, a memory of a time spent by the coast. Surfers, paddlers, bathers, fisherpeople and divers capitalise on the surf, and we want to invite them into our exhibition and revive feelings only experienced when surrounded by or submerged in the sea.

For Nicolle McKenzie abstract painting is a safe haven: a normalised act of pure, selfish escapism from her day to day role as wife, mother and home keeper. Before returning to the South Hams she lived in New Zealand, whose vast and dramatic landscape inspired her to use depth and size when painting local landscapes in Devon.
My main source of inspiration is the sea when I surf. I love its size, its unpredictability and power. I channel these experiences into my paintings by using full body expressive movements which mark the surface: these reflect nature whilst becoming abstract marks of suggestion and mystery.

Lorna Roberts describes her paintings having layers of meaning, like waves and the depths of the sea. More recently she has been sculpting in clay, exploring the concept of the mermaid as part human and part sea-dweller.
As soon as I took my first steps I headed straight for water Anything from the bath to the sea, I was convinced I belonged in the water. As an adult nothing has changed: I spend many hours each week in the pool and the sea, if I'm not in it I spend hours just watching it.

Carly Brimacombe is interested in the relationship between colours, applying paint using layering and screen print techniques in predominantly abstract paintings.
I take inspiration from the Devon coast, the colours of my surrounding environment, the weather and quality of light.

Penny Cross is working on a series of photos that depict people living their lives by the sea, exploring the relationship between a person and the ocean. A keen surfer, she spends a lot of time in and around the coast of Devon. Her work as a press photographer takes her to different areas of Plymouth, meeting people from all walks of life, and she strives to capture the essence of Plymothian life.