Unfolding Stories 3

Contemporary Quilters West


Friday 27 April - Thursday 3 May 2018
10 am - 5 pm
Admission free

Meet the Artists at the Opening View: Friday 27 April, 11 am - 2 pm


Alicia Merrett

Carla Mines

Angela Knapp

Christine Seager

Helen Grist

Claire Passmore

Kara Chambers

Jane Brooks

Fran Griffiths

Maria Harryman

Jane Brooks

Pam Bealing

Michelle Cook

Stephanie Crawford

Judy Stephens

Paula Simpson


A treasured First Communion dress, transformed with stitch, textile fragments, dyed in seawater on an uninhabited Scottish island, and plastic marine debris stitched into a textile - just 3 of the exciting new contemporary quilts on show in this exhibition by the dynamic Contemporary Quilters West. Textiles used in unusual and innovative ways make for a provocative show.

Many of the artists are inspired by the environment and the local landscape, and each tells their own unfolding story.

CQ West is a group of 25 individuals who came together five years ago, with the aim of supporting and encouraging each other in our individual working practice. We have a wide variety of artistic skills in contemporary quilting and textiles but have a common ground in that stitch forms a part of our work.
Stephanie Crawford, Chair of CQ West

Twenty or more artists will be represented, including several international award winners: Alicia Merrett, Ana Kirby, Angela Knapp, Carla Mines, Christine Seager, Claire Passmore, Colin Brandi, Dot Carter, Elaine Waycott, Fran Griffiths, Helen Grist, Jane Brooks, Judy Stephens, Kara Chambers, Liz Hewitt, Maria Harryman, Michelle Cook, Pam Bealing, Paula Simpson, Stephanie Crawford and Wendy Weller.