Sea Sense

The House Group


Tuesday 1 - Sunday 6 August 2017
10 am - 5 pm
Admission free


Alison Theaker

School workshop with Emma Carter and Alison Theaker

Rod Birtles


Sea Sense celebrates our oceans and coastline, drawing attention to the way we treat the seas and highlighting the dangers of plastics.

The House Group consists of Alison and Rod Birtles. For this exhibition we have invited Emma Carter, The Island Artist, to take part. We have run workshops in three local primary schools, focusing on art and the environment, and the work created by the pupils is included in the show.

Here in south Devon the sea is a playground, holiday destination and escape from everyday life. More importantly, the planet is 70% water, and without the seas our lives on land would not be possible. Through photography, mixed media, collage, objets trouve, sculpture and print, Sea Sense also investigates how we treat the ocean that sustains us. A particular focus is plastic: we produce so much, only for it to end up in the sea and in the food chain. The exhibition includes sunsets and seascapes, but also art works made from plastic found on beaches. It seeks to explore how we risk destroying the very thing that makes our lives possible. There will be an opportunity to immerse yourself in the feeling of being by the sea through a video installation, and even a sandpit where children and adults can play on the beach!

We would like to thank Toad Hall Cottages, Marchand Petit and Cllr Rufus Gilbert for supporting the education workshops.

See the May issue of Devon Life for a feature on Sea Sense