Sea Moor/See More

Jenny Evans, Cheri Hunston & Shirley Kirkcaldy


Tuesday 8 - Wednesday 16 August 2017
10 am - 5 pm (closing at 3pm on Wednesday 16 August)

Opening View: Tuesday 8 August, 6 - 9 pm
Admission free


Jenny Evans

Cheri Hunston

Shirley Kirkcaldy


We are three female artists inspired by the West Country landscape and the wildlife within it. Although separated by age, experience, artistic influence and technique, our united ambition is to invite and emotional resonse, evoke a memory and ignite imagination in others. As each artist specialises in a different medium, the exhibition will encompass their individual interpretations of their collective passion for the sea and the moor. The narrative will include the unseen processes behind the final images, including sketchbooks, photographs and the artists at work in the gallery.

“Living on Dartmoor is just perfect for me because I’m fascinated by nature and animals. Every time I see a blossom, an animal, a gnarled tree or a sunset I’m filled with a childlike wonder at its beauty. It fires my imagination and triggers my need to create. Through my work I want to share the beauty, the magic, the emotions, the complex relationships and the mostly unseen stories that are around us every day in the natural world.
Every place has a mood and a story to tell. Every creature has a distinct personality. When I see an animal, I see a soul; I try to capture that and evoke a sense of story around it. Stories and make-believe open up an entire new universe that helps us understand our own reality (and escape it sometimes). My focus is to capture the essence in line, form, composition and texture through a single ink nib. Being as realistic as possible but adding a fantastical twist, such as the glint in the animals’ eyes, a tilt of the head, a ruffled feather or a crooked smile, I want to engage the viewers’ imagination and emotions so they can also feel the childlike wonder and complete the picture and the narrative that the art suggests.”
Cheri Hunston

Jenny Evans is an emerging textile artist. Born in Plymouth and currently studying in Cardiff Metropolitan University, her love for textiles is a relatively recent development in her artistic career. She has already been commissioned by the National Marine Aquarium to create a collection of 6 original pieces of work and 40 prints and has been Artist in Residence at the London Wetlands Centre, in partnership with the British Dragonfly Society. Her work can be seen at several galleries in north Devon. Jenny will be drawing in the gallery during the exhibition.

“Surrounded as I am by the visceral expansiveness of Dartmoor and the dramatic coastline of the Southwest Peninsula, the exploration of land and sea is a constant element in my artwork. What I see and feel in this natural landscape has a profound emotional ability to connect me to its ancient past, often reflecting my mood and never failing to remind me of nature’s superiority and strength: evocative, wild and enigmatic. To convey a sense of place I use mark-making and paint, through which I am able to communicate a personal significance and ever changing life-force within the landscape. Constantly exploring new ways of representing my ideas satisfies my want for making and discovering and reflects my love of painting, which has the ability to influence everything I do.”
Shirley Kirkcaldy