Space, Place and Energy

Maryanne Hawes


Friday 21 April - Wednesday 26 April 2017
10 am - 5 pm
Admission free



I am forever captivated by the influence of what we can’t see –the unseen energies and vibrations of people, spaces and places and how they affect the way we perceive our world, and how these vibrations contribute to a complex and changing emotional topography.

In trying to represent energy in a visual form, this body of work was conceived.

On the way I’ve discovered how making and exploring art can be a way of mapping and navigating these ‘interior landscapes.’ As I explore this psychological territory through colour, shape and line I find enigmatic, half-imagined forms, echoes of a dream or a childhood memory; abstract images moulded by thoughts, values, beliefs and experiences. Sometimes the work reflects the seen, or felt, environment; often, other senses prevail.

I work intuitively and mindfully, witnessing on the canvas an unfolding of thought in shape and colour. At last, a resolution of a piece feels like a homecoming, yet to a place I’ve never been before; at once colourful and comforting, yet challenging and capricious.