Kamini Gupta


Saturday 11 - Sunday 19 November 2017
10 am - 5 pm daily, except Sundays 10.30 am - 2.30 pm

Opening View: Saturday 11 November, 10 am - 5 pm
Admission free


Paintings, mixed media and installation by Kamini Gupta

"My work is a journey through ever changing inner and outer landscapes. I work intuitively, exploring the creative impulse as it arises in the moment through spontaneous expression. Creating this way makes me feel alive. Standing on the edge of not knowing is an ongoing journey to stay open, spontaneous and willing to be surprised. This approach honours the innate wisdom of the body and the transformative power of deep listening that allows the intuitive guidance of the Soul to find expression.

When I create I connect with my centre of calm and connectedness; I enter a feeling of flow and inspiration and a profound sense of wellbeing. Images and visions that emerge are layered with meaning and bring insights and wisdom that inform my life.

I am deeply inspired and guided by this Soul Conversation. This dialogue through art with the universal symbolic language expressed in the archetypes of ancient myth, ritual art and ceremony. Which is an engagement rooted in the natural rhythms and pulse of the Earth.

An ongoing quest to connect with, celebrate and honour the Source of Life."