Exploring Life & Landscape

Janey Hunt, Kath Pelforth, Clare Pumfrey & Frank Wotton


Tuesday 3 - Sunday 8 October 2017
10 am - 5 pm
Admission free


Clare Pumfrey

Kath Pelforth

Janey Hunt

Frank Wotton


We are four artists working in the South Hams, bringing together our individual visions and skills to explore Life and Landscape for this exhibition.

Frank Wotton utilises drawing, etching, printmaking and paint to reflect his observations and engagement with the world around him. Working from the human figure, Clare Pumfrey uses markmaking in graphite, charcoal, ink and paint to describe the body and its potential to be seen and felt as landscape. Kath Pelforth’s mixed media work focuses on the interrelationship between the human figure and its environment. Janey Hunt has recently returned to drawing and painting after a career in socially engaged art practice. Her work explores markmaking in life, still life and landscape.

Together our exhibition offers an exploration of media and diverse approaches united by a common interest in life and landscape.