Defining Boundaries

Defining Practice Newlyn 2016


Friday 28 April - Sunday 7 May 2017
10 am - 5 pm
and Sunday 7 May 10 am - 4 pm

Opening View: Friday 28 April, 5 - 9 pm
Admission free


Denise Stracey

Judith Whitehouse

Jonathan Foster

Sophie Carter

Maureen Hedges

Shirley Kirkcaldy

Jane Davies


Jill Eisele

Emma Yorke

Martine McPherson


Showcasing the work of ten diverse artists who participated in the one year Defining Practice Course 2016 at the acclaimed Newlyn School of Art, the exhibition presents a wide range of approaches, media and techniques and offers an insight into the development of practising artists.
While subject matter and media vary, the collection is united by a deeply-felt personal commitment to art practice and the desire to create an original and interesting exhibition reflecting the artists' individual preoccupations.

Visitors can expect to find much of the artwork rooted in the land and seascapes of the West Country, where the majority of the artists live and work. The exhibition includes original work in a range of media as well as limited edition prints and photographs.

“Surrounded as I am by the visceral expansiveness of Dartmoor and the dramatic coastline of the Southwest Peninsula, the exploration of land and sea is a constant element in my artwork. What I see and feel in this natural landscape has a profound emotional ability to connect me to its ancient past, often reflecting my mood and never failing to remind me of nature’s superiority and strength: evocative, wild and enigmatic. To convey a sense of place that offers sanctuary I use mark-making and paint, through which I am able to communicate a personal significance and ever changing life-force. Constantly exploring new ways of representing my ideas satisfies my want for making and discovering and reflects my love of painting, which has the ability to influence everything I do.”
Shirley Kirkcaldy

“As I go through life, I am increasingly drawn to the spaces between remembering and forgetting, waking and dreaming, being present and being elsewhere. As an artist I have fallen into a space between photography and painting and I feel quite at home here.” Emma Yorke works with paint, photography, collage, slide projection, installation and lightboxes with subject matter ranging from the personal to the universally shared themes of love, family loss, childhood and memory.

Maureen Hedges considers her art an extension of the experience of walking in the landscape, with history, geography and chance encounter demanding her attention as much as colour and form. “My art is an exploration of place, feeling and relationship, my mark-making an attempt to express the complexity of emotion embodied in the unexpected and transitory moment of recognition.”

Martine McPherson aims to capture light and atmosphere in her paintings and mixed media works. A keen sailor, she is particularly drawn to the sea in her life and in her painting.

“I love the feeling of starting with a blank canvas and working towards a fresh experience each time. Frequently the painting will appear to take its own path, the end result being very different from the one I had initially imagined. My overall aim is that the final painting depicts the elements and emotions of being in the landscape at the moment.”
Sophie Carter

Denise Stracey draws on her established career at The Design Workshop in Helston, which she has established and where she concentrates on bespoke occasion wear and millinery created from hand-painted and dyed silks and wools, and a feel for texture and colour is evident in her more recent paintings.

Jill Eisele’s semi-abstract landscape paintings focus on texture, colour and composition. For 30 years she has exhibited consistently in the USA, in Berkshire and in London. In 2015 she was a finalist in the Artists & Illustrators Artists of the Year awards.

Having focused on printmaking in her foundation degree, Judith Whitehouse has developed her skills in pastel paintings of animals.

After retiring from teaching Jane Davies has attended a number of short courses at the Newlyn Art School in recent years. She has exhibited her work in Gloucestershire and Cornwall.

Jonathan Foster has attended a series of short courses in the west of Cornwall and has been involved with a number of community projects and exhibitions in Essex honouring the photographic history, which led to him being awarded Freeman of Waltham Abbey.