Two Dimensions

Nick Bremer & Patrick Bremer


Tuesday 21 November - Sunday 3 December 2017
10 am - 5 pm
Admission free

Opening View: Tuesday 21 November, 6 pm (with Nick and Patrick Bremer)
Sunday 26 November, 12 noon (with Nick Bremer)


Nick Bremer

Patrick Bremer

Patrick Bremer

Nick Bremer


Landscape and marine paintings in watercolour and oils by Nick Bremer, and contemporary collages, prints, portraits and concept subjects by Patrick Bremer.

“It would seem that in my work I have always emphasised the importance of drawing and draughtsmanship.”
Nick Bremer reflects that his paintings tend to speak for themselves, being largely representational interpretations of landscape and marine themes.

He trained at Maidstone Art College to the National Diploma in Design, specialising in fine art and printmaking. After three years post-graduate study at the Royal Academy Schools in London he built a career teaching art and design to A Level, retiring in 2000.

Throughout his teaching career he continued to paint, holding solo exhibitions in London, Brighton and Oxford. Since retiring he works from his studio at home and exhibits locally.

He shows here with his youngest son, Patrick, who is forging a successful, internationally recognised career in Fine Art in Berlin.

Patrick was born and grew up in Brighton, UK and received his BFA from Wimbledon School of Art in London. After graduating he spent some time as a picture framer and school teacher, teaching art at GCSE and A Level. It was there that he began his collage work, through working in a range of media with the kids and producing resources for them.

Patrick has since relocated to Berlin, where he stocks up on old tattered books and magazines each weekend from the local market to use as his palette. He aims to approach his collages as paintings, using blocks of paper as loaded brush marks and inspired by the impasto mark-making of Freud and Bacon. Each piece begins with a rough plan before taking its own direction, and each is a reaction to the last. For Patrick, collage as a medium encourages the playful use of chance elements, sucking in text, stories and imagery from an array of different sources to create a narrative on the canvas.

Patrick has exhibited throughout Europe and South Korea, and has been awarded the De Laszlo award from The Royal Society of Portrait Painters. He also creates regular collage illustrations for The New Yorker and Der Spiegel magazines, and has worked with Cadillac, Caltech and Andy Murray as clients. Patrick still enjoys teaching, and has led collage workshops at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and from his studio in Berlin.