3 Media Mix

Caroline Barker, Diana Booth & Jill Cooper


Tuesday 18 - Sunday 30 July 2017
10 am - 5 pm

Meet the Artists: Sunday 23 July, 2 - 5 pm
Admission free


Caroline Barker

Jill Cooper

Diana Booth

Diana Booth, Caroline Barker and Jill Cooper have exhibited together as 3 Media Mix since 2011, bringing a delightful collection of paintings, textiles, printmaking and handmade books to Harbour House and other local venues. Pursuing individual creative paths, they continue to meet and to explore the local natural environments which create key themes in their exhibitions.
Recent developments include Jill’s use of vibrantly coloured fabrics in her work and an exploration of new textile techniques, while Diana is developing textural qualities in her oil painting and Caroline finds herself using linocut to tell a story.

“My work is energetic, contemporary and colourful; mostly created with a knife, with oils on canvas. My style evolves as I explore different approaches to the medium. I delight in the flexibility and malleability of oil paint, and the richness of colour which can be achieved, even enjoying the smell of the paint and mediums. Experimenting with increased texture in my painting has recently interested me.
The rugged form and structure of coastline, cliffs, beaches and landscape both local and seen on trips abroad constantly fascinate and amaze me and are the inspiration for my sea and landscapes. Sometimes birds and flowers provide the stimulus. I attempt to create the essence of my experience in a loose, abstract way.”
Diana Booth

“I particularly enjoy designing linocuts and then carving them. It’s an addictive process and full of surprises. My work focuses on the local landscape of Devon and the creatures and plants that inhabit it. I hope that my prints help jog the memories of familiar places.
Handmade original prints have a wonderful feel to them and even though I print limited editions, all have very tiny differences that make them unique. I also make small handmade books; some are pop-ups and all have linocut illustrations and have written quotes in calligraphy.”
Caroline Barker

“My interest in textiles has been lifelong, and includes lacemaking, spinning, canvas work and embroidery. My most recent challenge has been patchwork and quilting. I enjoy experimenting using natural and artificial fibres: dyeing, printing, painting, burning, hand and machine embroidery, beading, patchwork, quilting and dry felting and, most recently, a technique using my own photographs. Local cliffs, beaches, rivers and moorland together with images of fruit, vegetables and flowers are wonderful subjects with which to produce a 3D effect with machine quilting and bead embellishment.
I love to work with the beautiful hand dyed cottons produced by Farbstoff in Frankfurt. The jewel-like colours and high density thread make these a joy with which to work and I frequently use them to produce stylised images of the natural world. Recently, I have used this fabric to work on designs inspired by the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and also on embellished feather patterns.”
Jill Cooper