Love Your Life

Self Development Workshop with Georgina Lynch


Saturday 26 January 2019
10 am - 4 pm
Spanda Studio, on the ground floor



Includes tea, cake and a delicious vegetarian/vegan lunch at the Harbour House cafe

Would you like professional help and guidance to learn how to end your internal struggle, to find clarity and meaning, and to learn how to live life in the now?

Have you been:
- Trying your best, but you're still going around in the same old circles, unable to create lasting change?
- Feeling anxious and full of worry, starting to get down not knowing how to change how you feel?
- Struggling to get past the blocks (thoughts, emotions and memories) that stop you from enjoying life, unsure what it is that causes you to feel this way?
- Implementing healthy habits like going to the gym or eating well, reading self help books and inspirational podcasts but you still feel bad?
- Feeling alone and unsupported on your journey to feel happier, with no one to listen about how you feel - surrounded by people who don't understand you?

It's time to try something different and activate your journey back to self love. You can take the first steps to creating a life you love on this transformational self development workshop. This one day workshop is based on the success Georgina achieved in overcoming her 12 year struggle with mental illness and she shares how she learned to take back control and create a life she loves.

What to expect:
- You will understand the reasons why you keep struggling and discover how to change this pattern.
- You will learn new mindset tools to overcome negativity and self loathing.
- You will discover how to take back your control and embrace uncertainty.
- You will learn how to release stress, worry and overwhelm.
- You will discover how to create lasting inner peace and harmony.
- You'll begin to love and accept who you, and start to look forward to the future.

Learn how to create a happier life you love. Through a combination of guided meditation, visualisation creative learning and self-development exercises you will discover mindset tools and powerful ways to create a life you love. Georgina provides a safe and supportive learning environment and you will be guided throughout the day’s learning at a gentle pace.

To book a space please visit: or contact Georgina on 07495 735778