Stephen Akam-Smith



Offering supervision, general counselling and specialist grief counselling


Let me start by saying I am not a perfect Supervisor, show me one that is! But what I do offer is an opportunity for you to explore your client work, to support you in your learning, your self-development and your effectiveness, and most importantly – “work with your needs”.

You have found your way here which may be the first step in your healing. I specialise in Pre-Bereavement and Bereavement Therapy, Complicated and Traumatic Grief Therapy, Grief Therapy for Pet Loss, and Significant Loss(s) to Own Life Therapy.

Maybe you are here because you want to change something in your life, or you may simply want to explore your thoughts and feelings in more depth, and you need a confidential and safe space to do this with someone who is unbiased.

07510 139993