Art Surgery

One-to-one tutorial support for your art practice

with Susie David


Meeting Room, on the second floor

Please contact Susie to make an appointment



Cost: £10 per half hour

During my recent exhibition at Harbour House many artists approached me for advice, and I am now offering one-to-one sessions to help support and develop your art practice.

Are you feeling a bit stuck? Do you want feedback on your work? Do you need help towards your own show, or curating one? Do you need help with a project art college, or have you just got back into painting and want to build your confidence? Are you a dedicated amateur who would like a change of direction? Have you just left college and are missing the crits?

Bring your art issues to my sessions – a portfolio, digital images or the work itself.

I will listen to you and ask questions in order to understand what you need. Each session will be concluded by writing you an art prescription: a pointer for you, such as a challenge, a routine, technique, task, implement or material for you to engage with, or another artists’ work to research - something that if enacted will help you to develop and will encourage and support your art practice.

Next time we can review the progress, or you can simply have a one-off session.