Establishing a Daily Practice

with Beccy Rogers


Saturday 25 November, 10 am - 1 pm
Spanda Studio, ground floor



Investment: £20 early bird, £25 after

Be it Yoga or Meditation of any tradition there comes a time when you know you need it daily and you are ready to commit to your wellbeing but something always gets in the way...... This workshop will be a chance to discuss what is and why a daily practice can enrich your life, and some of the obstacles that we create or allow which stop us from maintaining it. This is a space to share our stories and excuses and discuss the best personal practices to fit our households.

Using pranayama, mantra and meditation we will delve into the deliciousness of our intuition to hear our deepest calling and practice techniques for sustaining that at home. You will leave feeling more comfortable, and confident about how, what and when your daily practice can fit practically and sustainably into your own personal life. Then you can begin to feel the infinite benefits of a life enriched by a committed daily practice. I offer you guidance in finding what you need and ongoing support to maintain the routine, leading to Joy, Peace, Clarity, Confidence, Connection to your true nature and so much more . All levels and disciplines are welcome, just bring your honesty and desire for change.

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