Yoga for Pregnancy News




After 18½ years of teaching Yoga for Pregnancy at Harbour House, I am delighted to hand over the class to my colleague and friend Sarah Scott.

In the beginning, it was not my intention to teach pregnant ladies although I had completed the Birthlight training course with Françoise Freedman in 1997 but then I had several enquiries from mothers-to-be and the rest is history!

I offer my heartfelt thanks to all the ladies and their babies who have attended my classes, you have enriched my life beyond measure. I wish all the babies and the young men and women successful careers and happiness in their chosen path.

Sarah has a similar training to me and I am sure that she will continue to offer a supportive and friendly class to all the ladies in this area.

I have now handed the Mother & Baby yoga class on Wednesday afternoons over to Catherine Seymour, who will run this from 18 January 2017..

My Monday and Wednesday classes are continuing and evolving into a more contemplative yoga style.

Leila Seel