How to have gorgeous skin at any age

with Wendy Gardner

Skin Care Specialist and Aromatherapist


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Do you want better skin quality and a beautiful complexion? If you've felt frustrated, hopeless or even angry about your skin it’s time to learn why certain products don't work and discover how to have the best skin of your life.

Join Wendy Gardner, skin care specialist, aromatherapist and author of Dare To Go Bare, for this series of three workshops dedicated to teaching you the secrets of glowing, healthy skin the natural way.

Workshops can be taken individually or as a series.

Introductory talk - FREE

Busting the beauty industry's biggest myth - The missing mineral your skin craves - The curious question of "skin types" - What is clean skincare? - How to avoid skin killers - The invisible toxins in your bathroom that are ruining your skin - The 3 signals that you've outgrown your routine and what to do

Workshop 1 - Wait! Before you buy, will that product really work for you?
How to avoid expensive mistakes in the beauty aisle or shopping online

Why most products don't work and what does - Why the products your mother and grandmother used don't give you the results you hope for - How to solve the challenges your skin faces in the 21st century - Questions to ask before you switch brands - The true cost of what you put onto your skin and into your body and how to save yourself from years of skin problems - How to achieve the elegant au-naturel look - Skin care Q & A

Workshop 2 - Glowing peri-menopausal skin for the 21st century

3 steps that protect your skin through peri-menopause and beyond - Changes you might expect, and how to adapt - A beauty routine for softer skin -The specific ingredients used by models to achieve velvety skin feel - Why drinking 2 litres of water daily won't keep your skin soft and what will - Tips for athletes - Skin nutrients - How to protect your skin from aging

Workshop 3 - How to have healthy, radiant teenage skin

Why mainstream products don't work - myths that worsen your skin - Practical steps to clear your skin and improve your confidence

Series of 3 workshops: £150 - Individual workshops: £75 each
To maximize personal attention, only 12 places are available in each workshop.

Wendy Gardner is a master skin care specialist and aromatherapist with over 14 years’ experience sharing beauty secrets from around the world with clients who choose to look and feel young, regardless of age.

Private consultations: £300

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