Shamanic Healing

with Lorraine Chamberlain




Shamanic Healing and Plant Spirit Healing: £65 for a 2 hour session
Divination: £45 for a 1 1/2 hour session

The healing I offer has evolved from my experience of working as a healer, yoga teacher, my study of herbalism & shamanic training. The divination I offer arises from studying African medicine & guidance I receive from the plant spirits I channel & meditate with.

Shamanic Healing
The age old practice of shamanic healing provides a deep and profound healing process that can restore imbalances within a person’s soul spirit or energy body. A healthy soul is paramount to a healthy life. Each shamanic healing session is spirit led & offers a doorway into healing, transformation & empowerment. This healing can be in the form of shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, power retrieval, plant spirit healing, shamanic blessing, medicine stone grounding, ancestral clearing, extraction or ceremonial work.

Plant Spirit Healing
Healing with plant spirits is a deep but gentle approach which combines relaxation, shamanic journeying & hands on healing through the channelled guidance of plants. Plant spirits help us to transform & heal ourselves. They heal by restoring a sense of balance & harmony within a person to bring a reconnection to one’s self & return to nature as a whole.

Plant Spirit Divination
Plant spirit divination uses a beautiful cosmological portal that draws help from the elements, plant spirits, spirit helpers & connection to our ancestors to offer guidance into crossroads, crisis, transition, change & healing. A divination can help us uncover our purpose, break the unhealthy patterns often carried from our ancestral lineage, & mobilize us to move forward on this amazing journey called life.

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