Healing with Plant Energies Workshops

with Lorraine Chamberlain


Fridays: 10 & 17 November 2017
10 am - 1 pm
(Springtime dates tbc)
Meeting Room Suite, on the second floor



Series of 2 workshops: £50
Individual workshop: £28


A series of forthcoming workshops in November & Springtime which introduce practices & teachings that enable us to intuitively connect with the world of plants beyond the boundaries of the physical. During these workshops we will explore ways to connect to the spirit realms of plants through guided visualizations, meditations & drum led shamanic journeys.

Dream work practise & shared healing methods will also be taught to deepen our connection to the healing energies of plants. Furthermore we will prepare herbal balms, essences & elixirs for our daily ongoing interrelation to the world of plants.

These practices will help us to open our hearts & awareness to the spirit of the plants. The plant Kingdom is already woven & embedded within our fabric of consciousness, so when we intentionally open our hearts to the plants around us they in return can guide, teach, comfort, heal and help transform us.

The healing wisdom offered to us from plant spirits is part of our traditional indigenous knowledge. Despite our current driven technological age, plant spirits continue to share this healing knowledge with all who will listen.

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