Somatic Body Therapy

with Janet Bird


The nature of this work is in the undoing, the unravelling. With one session you will feel deeply relaxed, eased of pain, tension and be much better in yourself – but there is more. It has often taken us years to spiral into a tight coil. As we often say we get wound up, we get tighter the more tense and stressed we are. So this process is a journey of exploration, to undo the holding, the patterns that restrict, to come to a place of balance, true health and wellbeing. It is not forcing a body to open, where usually it would just close up even tighter, but as in nature, a gentle unfurling reveals our unique beauty so we can live deeply from our fullest expression.

How I work with you:
I work on a large futon where there is space for a body to spread itself, to move freely, lay in any form our bodies desire instead of holding our body in one position on a massage table. The mat allows that feeling of spaciousness and encourages more of a free flow of movement between giver and receiver; so there can be fluidity, almost as if in water. I work with you fully clothed, so please wear something that allows freedom of movement
and doesn’t restrict in any way.

Our bodies find a freer way of being so that our whole physical structure works more harmoniously and our inner organs have more space so our systems are able to work more efficiently. Our bodies have their own intelligence and know ultimately what is needed to heal, when we give them the conditions that are conducive to make changes.

Sport/Yoga/Movement practice
With somatic work, the body becomes lighter in movement, more responsive, less likely to injure and able to rehabilitate far quicker. As the body is freed from old habitual patterns, our movement practice can then rebuild new healthier ones. Performance changes, we have more energy and aliveness.

Psychological and Emotional Trauma
Once our armour starts to fall away we can return to a place of trust inside of ourselves when it has been severely dishonoured or traumatised in some form and closed off as a means of protection. This then can have a profound effect on all our relationships, as we can meet another from a more open and trusting place.

Why Come?
Rehabilitation, release of pain and illness, emotional release, stress, ageing and the desire to age gracefully, to enhance sports performance, pleasure in knowing one’s body.

“Janet's work has integrity and passion. Her strength and gentleness alchemically combine. She plays the human body like an instrument luring out the songs of pain, sadness and deep potential from your arms, legs, head, throat, organs, back and more. After a session I would in turn feel blissfully childlike, amazed at my body and all it could do and serene like a queen restored to full potency.”

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