Kingsbridge LETS



LETS Market Day
LETS members sharing a meal
A group walk of LETS members

2018 Market Days:
1 December
11 am - 12.30 pm
Amrita Room, on the first floor

Kingsbridge LETS is based at Harbour House, where we have our markets and Annual Members Meetings and other social events.

LETS is a bartering system and a way of trading goods and services between members.

As a member of LETS, if you need a hand with your garden or around the home, need a lift to the station, or a relaxing massage or dozens of other things which would normally cost sterling, one of your LETS contacts may be able to help.

Every LETS scheme uses its own currency, In Kingsbridge we use Bridges.
one Bridge = £1 (approx.)

Being a member of LETS is a good way of meeting new friends who may share your values or interests. At the monthly market we meet up to trade or enjoy a chat and a cup of tea.

In addition some of our members give talks on a range of subjects, slide shows have proved popular. Special seasonal meals, picnics and walks have also been enjoyed.