Strong by Zumba

with Alicia Prowse


18 January – 22 February 2018
1.15 – 2.15 pm
Spanda Studio, on the ground floor



Cost: £8 per drop in, or £6.50 per week for 6 week block booking


Strong by Zumba is an energetic, choreographed, fun work out to suit all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

Strong by Zumba syncs high intensity cardio and conditioning moves to music to create an optimal total body workout. It is tempo driven so the strength of the beat will challenge your muscles and cardio system to find power, strength, speed, stamina and mobility.

The class is an interval or intermittent intensity style program. This means the high intensity moves (i.e. high knees, burpees, jumping jacks, etc,) are interchanged with lower intensity moves (like lunges, jump rope, kickboxing) throughout the entire workout, making a Strong by Zumba class doable, even for those starting out less fit.

The program will allow exercise switch outs to suit all so that all fitness capabilities can achieve new individual goals, be successful and progress.


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