Pastels Plus

Vicki Archer


26 - 31 July 2016
10 am - 5 pm
Admission free

Vicki will be painting in the gallery throughout her exhibition and is happy to talk about her work at any time



Specialising in portraiture and figurative painting, Vicki Archer takes inspiration from the world around her and, particularly, her children at play. Although she uses many media, Vicki particularly enjoys the diverse qualities of pastels.

"I remember my own childhood and how most of my time was spent outdoors. I suppose I’m trying to recapture that simple, old fashioned sense of fun and innocence. I enjoy the fact that pastels are pure pigment, but I also love how they allow me to get closer to my work by using my fingers rather than a paintbrush. I continue to stretch the boundaries of pastel painting through experimentation with other mediums and materials and my main themes are local scenes that inspire me, as well as some figurative work."