Present Maker

South Hams Arts Forum


29 November - 11 December 2016
10 am - 5 pm Monday - Saturday, and 11 am - 3 pm on Sundays
Meet the Makers: Saturday 3 December
Admission free

Christine East

EC Williams

Heather Morris

Anna Ventura

Sally Tapsell-Hall

Charlotte Dalrymple-Hay

Jill Cooper

Amanda Brooks

Caroline Barker

Members of the South Hams Arts Forum present a lively and varied exhibition of unique arts and crafts in time for Christmas.

A wide range of jewellery is on show in Present Maker. Christine East says, “Mostly I make silver jewellery though sometimes I enjoy the challenge of working with gold. Some of my organic and interesting shapes and created by fusing and soldering recycled sliver shreds to form brooches and pendants. I also knit with pure silver wire and incorporate gemstone chips, crystals and pearls into knitted cuffs and delicately formed necklaces.”

Heather Morris shows silver jewellery in fluid, curvaceous forms and simple lines inspired by the local environment, the natural world and, most of all, the coast. She says, “I am interested in the possibilities inherent within the materials I use, and the process of forming the metal. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted in silver using traditional bench work skills and the use of hand tools enables me to reveal the intrinsic properties of the metal. I create contemporary jewellery that is highly individual and easy to wear.”

Jewellery maker Charlotte Dalrymple-Hay creates silver jewellery with timeless designs which often include lightly hammered surfaces and semi-precious stones. She says, “The inspiration for my work comes from the environment I am surrounded by; firstly with something that catches my eye, and then when it touches my heart I set about trying to capture that inspiration within.

Anna Ventura shows illustrated handmade jewellery as well as detailed pictures in ink and acrylic inspired by local urban and rural scenes. Anna also carries out work to commission, specialising in in buildings and portraits of people and animals.

Sally Tapsell-Hall shows mixed media paintings, drawings and textiles reflecting an interest in landscape and place. Her collection also includes fabric and felt jewellery.

Textile artist Jill Cooper has developed a fascinating series of quilted photographs. She says, “I love to explore the local area, particularly beaches, cliffs and Dartmoor, with my camera always to hand. I print my photographs onto cotton poplin backed with paper, after editing the images for colour and clarity. The photograph is peeled from the backing paper, and rinsed and ironed to fix the colour. A fabric ‘sandwich’ is then made – photograph/thick wadding/cotton lawn. I machine-quilt to give a 3D effect. Small stitches and exactly matching threads are important, and where I don’t stitch is as important as where I do stitch in order to achieve the 3D effect. Sometimes I add bead embellishment by hand.”

Claire Williams is a walking artist who seeks to convey and document our fleeting relationship with the environment, seeking to raise awareness of its fragility and the fact that each loss of a species diminishes every living creature. From sketchbook work and photographs Claire develops her themes through painting, textiles, printmaking and text works.

Amanda Brooks shows oil and acrylic paintings, usually on gold leaf, of wildlife, fish, butterflies and landscapes including local views, the moor and the sea. Her work is inspired by old Japanese paintings and the idea of bringing a bit of the natural world indoors to enjoy.

Caroline Barker is well known for her delightful handmade books making use of her printmaking.