Contemporary Passions 2016

South Hams Arts Forum


6 - 18 September 2016
10 am - 5 pm Monday - Saturday, and 10 am - 4 pm Sunday

Opening View: Tuesday 6 September, 6 - 8 pm
Admission free


EC Williams

Ann King

Val Morsman

Nigel Grist

Sally Tapsell-Hall

Jackie Richardson

Pippa Unwin


Sue Farrow-Jones

Mark Weston-Lewis

Sally Wilkinson


Annual summer exhibition of contemporary works of art by members of the South Hams Arts Forum.

Elen Claire Williams makes contemporary interpretations of the landscape through oil painting and printmaking. She begins by taking a walk, choosing popular, rural places at solitary times, where isolation from modern life encourages imagination, self-discovery and inner peace. Beyond the decorative aspect of making art, she works with environmental concerns and spiritual poverty, which she considers the key issues of our times, and which have become essential deeper elements in her work.
I have succeeded in my aim when the glory of creation encourages people to engage spiritually, both to celebrate and conserve the vanishing natural world on our personal doorsteps.

Jackie Richardson makes pastel paintings of the South Hams landscape.
Vibrant colour and strong forms are predominant features of my work. I am particularly interested in simplifying the subject and at the same time enhancing it. I achieve this through the use of shape, colour, light and composition.

Mark Weston-Lewis makes hollow formed vessels, wooden bowls, candlesticks and vases. He has been woodturning for over 20 years. The wood is all locally sourced and finished with vegetable oil, which is food-safe, or beeswax.

Nigel Grist’s interests are varied but lean towards the natural environment. He has walked extensively on Dartmoor and the coast and aims through photography and printmaking to capture something of the feel of the place: macro photography of insects and obscure plant groups alongside more conventional landscape views, while collagraphs explore the textures of the moorland and crisp linocuts appeal more to Nigel’s scientific interests; by training he is a biologist.

Pippa Unwin shows stone carving and sculptures of animals and birds.
I learnt the traditional skills from stonemasons, who treat stone with respect and honesty. My work is practical and nonsentimental. I mostly carve the natural form, but I am inspired by the art and architecture of different cultures, geometry and nature.

Sally Tapsell Hall shows mixed media works, collage and hand-stitched textiles exploring landscape, architecture and abstract forms.
My work reflects a fascination with the layers of time, events, images, history and experience that are encapsulated within a particular place or location. My paintings and collages explore these themes using layered materials, enabling ideas and images to be both revealed and concealed. I’m also interested in crossing the threshold between figurative and abstract imagery.

Sally Wilkinson began papercutting three years ago almost by accident, cutting out the last few lines of a favourite book: Waiting for the End of the World by Maddison Smartt Bell. In time she felt she wanted to move away from the need for the words to be legible, and to explore and experiment with the look, the feel and the suggestion of individual words. Virginia Woolf’s thoughts sum up her feelings about words: “…full of echoes, of memories, of associations. They have been out and about, on people’s lips, in their houses, in the streets, in the fields, for so many centuries… they are stored with other meanings, with other memories.”

Sue Farrow-Jones shows watercolour paintings and printmaking.
I love the coast, countryside and moors, the colours and changing moods of Devon. I am passionate about all animals, especially the wolfhounds and lurchers we have owned but also the natural, wild world and, in particular, birds.

Ann Chester King also illustrates wild and domestic animal and bird life, with oil paintings on linen, while Val Morsman explores the south Devon coast and countryside through watercolour, mixed media works and oil painting.