Printing between the Lines

Press Gang Printmakers


5 - 17 July 2016

10 am - 5 pm

Saturday 9 and 16 July: Meet the Makers - members of the group will be out in force in the gallery to talk about the joys, pitfalls and mysteries of printmaking

Claudia White

Steve Kenna

Rosemary Moser

Gilly Cotter

Maggie Smith

Hilary Soper

Anita Reynolds

Janette Jagger

Ysabel Winzar

Jean Lock

Caroline Barker

Sue Stewart

Ysabel Winzar and Hilary Soper



With the title 'Printing Between the Lines', members of Pressgang will show original prints made in response to a chosen text - the written word in all varieties from poetry to reference book, travel journal to the local tide tables. Caroline Barker, for example, has chosen 'The Owl and the Pussycat' and Gilly Cotter interprets her brother's poetry, while Ysabel Winzar's prints have a salty flavour drawn from 'The Nautical Almanac'. Hilary Soper's 'Tide Tables' provide an opportunity to examine the changing nature of shorelines as influenced by the moon. The world of plants provides the impetus for Claudia White who has taken a close look at 'The Pressed Plant' while Sue Stewart's 'Poetry Please - the Seasons' also focuses on plant life. Maggie Smith has been keeping notes on nature above and below ground with a particular interest in journals and diaries such as 'The Diary of an Edwardian Lady'. 'Crossings's Guide' is Anita Reynolds' choice for Dartmoor imagery, adding her own board book 'An A to Z of Adulthood' as a playful contrast. Plenty of people to look at there, but all with their clothes on, whereas Jean Lock concentrates on the figure with 'The Nude in Art'. Janette Jagger brings the exotic from her recent travels in Australia. Music is Steve Kenna's muse, and his work stems from Radiohead's album 'Rainbows', while Rosemary Moser’s focus is on stained glass windows with ‘The Rose Window’ by Painton Cowen.

The theme continues with a display of bookplates. Labels of ownership in early days, 'Ex Libris' prints are now acknowledged as small artworks in their own right. Enthusiasm for the theme has led to a short edition book of prints, one each for members to keep as a record of this sixteenth year of working and exhibiting together.