Natural Forms

Jane Gabbatiss


19 - 24 July 2016

Jane will be painting in the gallery during her exhibition and will be happy to talk about her work at any time


An exhibition exploring a wide range of natural and organic forms through ceramics, oils, watercolours, acrylics and silk painting. Subject matter includes the figure, birds, fish and animals, landscape, flowers and fruit.

Well known locally for her ceramics and colourful paintings, Jane will bring a new body of silk paintings to Harbour House.

“I have been painting on silk which I enjoy as the colours of the dyes are so vibrant. I draw with the gutta resist line which separates the colours and images from one another to form a unique design. The gutta line can be transparent or coloured. By throwing salt onto the wet dye in some areas the wet colour is drawn up by the salt. When it is dry and the salt is brushed away an interesting mottled texture appears on the design. The work can then be displayed as a wall hanging.”

Jane studied at Hornsey College of Art and taught in north London before focusing on producing ceramic pieces for galleries in London and Scotland. More recently she has worked extensively with adults and young adults with special needs, and with the terminally ill, disabled and elderly. Most recently Jane has worked with the Sanctuary Pottery, a mental health charity, where the aim is to work creatively and positively with residents suffering with mental illness or in recovery. Jane has also been involved with voluntary work in Africa and Peru.