Darn It! Workshops

with Kim Searle


Festive Lino Printing: Friday 27 October, 2 - 4 pm
Metal Stamping: Thursday 26 October, 1 - 3 pm
Metal Stamping: Saturday 28 October, 1 - 3 pm - FULL
Art Studio, second floor



Festive Lino Printing, cost: £18 per person:
This workshop is perfect for anyone who likes to send their Christmas cards out early with a personal touch. Of course you can do non-festive prints if you like as well. In this session you will learn how to cut lino perfectly with a variety of techniques and how to print it like a pro. There will be lots of images to inspire and work from. If there's a specific image you'd like to work from bring it along. There will be a variety of different coloured inks and cards, tags and paper to print on to.


Metal stamping, cost: £30 per person:
In this session you will learn to make your own personalised hand stamped jewellery. This will include bracelets, pendants and keyrings. After a chance to practice with different design stamps, fonts and hammers you will make a selection of jewellery or keyrings to take home with you. There will be course notes for you to take home, with full instructions on what tools you've used and where you can get tools and materials. Come with ideas on wording to stamp. This workshop is perfect for making really personal Christmas presents, or just personalised treats for yourself.