Progressing Your Practice

with Anita Reynolds


1, 15 February & 1 March 2018
8, 22 February & 8 March 2018
10 am - 3 pm
Art Studio, on the second floor

(all classes are full)


Cost £150

A three day course with Anita Reynolds using drawing and painting to progress your practice.

The course takes the form of shared warm up exercises alongside individual studio time. All students work at their own pace in a supportive atmosphere that is aimed at freeing up and becoming confident.

"The harsh reality of progressing in anything is that you have to step into unknown territory. Combine this with determination, focus & practice and you will make progress. If you measure progress by how much you sell, what other people think, or compare your work to that of others then your progression will be unfulfilling.

By being fearless, playful & experimental and by embracing new ideas you will open your mind to the possibilities that are there for the taking.

Sharing a space with other like minded people helps us to be brave; sharing each others ideas, marks, colours and imagination helps to broaden our own visual language. Being inspired by others at exhibitions or by working in a shared studio helps stop the isolation that many artists feel, it also helps to find others from your home planet!"

Please email Anita to register your interest in future courses: